Everyday, Monday through Friday, we will pick One Lucky Entrepreneur and try to Strategize their Offer, Build their Funnel, Write the Copy, Create Images, Write the Emails AND Launch Your New Machine...in 60 minutes LIVE on Facebook.


Want to be one of them?

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You need traffic, conversions and revenue...not an old school, slow & lazy website.

Websites sit there and confuse traffic with information overload. A funnel has one purpose: Move the customer along the customer value journey. We build a funnel, and when a lead puts their info in your site, they'll get the promised material plus followup emails that cultivate, educate and ultimately motivate them to buy your product or service.

Clear Cut, Easy Process to Profitable Results​

Hi, My name is Jena Apgar and Scott Schilling and I Double Your Business

Does that sound impossible? "Sure you do, but you don't understand my business." or perhaps you're thinking, "ya right, you and everyone else."


But me and my co-Host, Scott Schilling, International Sales Coach & Communications Expert are going to put our time/money where our mouth is...and show you FOR FREE!


And every morning we will build one lucky entrepreneur a FULL FUNNEL that DOUBLES


...a DoubleFunnel


Yes, each week we will pick FIVE lucky winners, and in just 60 minutes try to strategize, build a funnel, write the copy, do the images, write the emails, structure the drip campaign AND launch the entire masterpiece....


In just 60 minutes... LIVE on Facebook....


In 2019, building the "Landing Page" is near child's play,


But a fully operational funnel, completely linked together WITH email automation? That tech stack stops even the most dedicated Entrepreneurs in their tracks.


But with Kartra building your funnels AND running your emails, help desks, wiki, support, membership, checkout, affiliate...


You can literally build an ENTIRE OPERATIONAL FUNNEL... in less then 60 minutes.


Ready to drive TRAFFIC & MAKE MONEY!


Unless we fall flat on our face - and in that event - feel free to pick on me horrendously in the comments. 


It is insane, crazy and I have already had 2 web designers get viscerally MAD AT ME for making this offer. But I want to help the small business owner, the moms needing extra support, the entrepreneurs up late every night in their side hustle to economic freedom.


I want to give you what no web designer will: a VERY LOW COST , Monthly Payment to the Entire System Implemented for you the you own and can edit at any time! Not education, training, nagging, wishing, coaching, consulting or a seminar - ACTUALLY BUILDING "THE MACHINE".


And for the Ryan Deiss & DigitalMarketer fans out there...you know exactly what I am talking about


....a Business Doubling Machine


I know you are skeptical. I know you've been burned before. But if you are ready to see what a trusted name, Certified Digital Marketers and a true partner in your business can do...take the leap and lets build your first complete DOUBLE FUNNEL :)


Everyday Get an All Access Pass to See Exactly How Scott & I Double Businesses for Clients All the Time


Ever paid $600-$60,000 for a website designer who never delivered? Or worse - did but had you pay a high monthly "retainer" for them to host and "manage" your page AKA lock it down?


Lack confidence you can do it yourself?


Struggling integrating complicated tech stacks?


Have no idea how to get great images without expensive designers and want to know my inside secrets?


Want to see how we come up with copy for the pages and emails SUPER FAST?


Then come watch DoubleFunnel.tv each morning with your caffeine fix...


Learn how to use Kartra... 


Master Automation...


Rock the image builders...


Get ideas and tap into a great community...


And If Lady Luck Graces Your Product, We Will Build Your Funnel LIVE On The Show!


All you have to do is click on the button to signup (FOR FREE) and we'll IMMEDIATELY give you access to all past episodes and the forms we need if we choose you one morning... 


BONUS: we'll notify you once a week what funnel builds are coming up so you can watch live, comment and ask questions!


So signup right now for your chance... it's daring, it's free, it is what a Smartpreneur would do and if it is your lucky day, you could be our DoubleFunnel on an upcoming episode of DoubleFunnel.tv!

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